China Solder Ring Full Crossover factory

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China Solder Ring Full Crossover factory

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Our Factory
Linhai Hengye Tubing Equipment Co. Ltd founded in 1994 and start manufacturing pipe fittings from 1997, which is specialized in manufacturing plumbing copper fittings, refrigeration parts and air conditioner fittings. with good facilities, professional technicians and effective quality control system, hengye as a good supplier providing high quality products and reasonable price. Our copper fittings cover End feed copper fittings, solder ring copper fittings, copper press fittings and which strictly meet standards of EN1254-1, ASME B16. 22 and AS3688.
Hengye is not only producing standard fittings, ODM, OEM request are welcome. With good experience for OEM products in the past twenty years, we can offer the customers the whole range products of different standard, also we can produce the fittings at the exclusive requirements from the customers. Our products are now being sold to customers all over the world including Europe, United states, Australia, The Middle east, Russia, Asian and so on.
Our company attaches great importance to innovation, integrity management and provides high quality products and after-sale services for customers. We always adhere to management philosophy 鈥減romoting development with scientific and technological process, surviving with high quality products.鈥?/p>
Quality Control
All the facilities, molds and gauges are checked regularly and always in good condition. The pipes quality is required in the pipe factory and also well controlled in our factory before the production. All what done guarantees good and stable quality for the customers.
The improvement of technology and excellent equipment are the reliable guarantee of our product quality,
Quality is the essence of every Well-known brand
1銆丮echanical tests
We have kept all material reports, and we also do mechanical tests to guarantee the products for all our customers. The date results are well kept.
2銆丳lug block inspection
We make inspection gauges in our own factory and gauges are regularly checked and used during the production. The dimensions of socket, ID and OD are guaranteed.
3銆乄all thickness measurement
We have inspectors to check the wall thickness of the products with precised thickness measurers. Different standard is respected.
4銆丆ompletely inspected before leaving the factory
We do visual inspection for all the fittings before the products leave the factory.
Our Product
EN1254-1, ASME B16.22, AS3688, customized fittings
Product Application
water supply system, refrigeration system锛実eneral pipe system, Drainage and Sanitation, General engineer, HVAC
Our Certificate
CE, ISO9001-2015, WRAS, Watermark, NF
Production Equipment
Production Market
Australia, Europe, united states, the middle east锛孯ussia, AsiaChina Solder Ring Full Crossover factory


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